The Idea

If only one could think up a game that was fun and exciting; with or without action; for children, youngsters and adults;            at the same time without any vivalvy ?!
If only one had a game that wasn’t so deadly serious and, yet at the same time, offered many different variations on a theme ?!
Mimürfel tries to fulfil all these drives !

Perhaps the best way to get used to the idea of the game is to first find out how
one-self feels today. Throw one of the dice and have a look at what you’ve got. You probably didn’t think you’d throw that one - or did you ?
And if someone comes in through the door looking really miserable, show him the
„fourios one“ and say: „That’s how you look, today !“
I bet you’ll be able to bring laughter to his face.

Start for children

First of all look at the dice together. Every dice has six faces. What do we call this dice? „Mimürfel“.
The youngest player throws first - what do we see? Perhaps an angry face with a zick-zack mouth and angry eyebrows. That’s the „fourios one“.
Now the next player. He throws his dice and lands the face with the star-shaped eyes. Yes that’s „the happy one“.
Every Mimürfel die has the same six faces on it:

                                   „the happy one“                                 
                                        in a good mood                  m1               

„the optimistic one“
                   sees things favourably              m2

                              „the surprised one“                            
                                                             ain’t believe it                    m3                                   

„the doubting one“
                          not sure yet                       m4

„the pessimistic one“
                         in a bad mood                    m5

„the fourios one“
                          is very angry                      m6

Games most suitable for children

Children’s chaos

Every player throws his die and looks to see what face he has thrown. A signal has given and all the players have rush into the middle of the room and try to make the face they have thrown. Every player tries to find someone making a similar face, and these two throw a die again and rush back again into the middle and make the „new“ face. They than try to find a player making the same face. The game ended until every player is making the same face. A variation could be that by the end of the game all the players have to make a certain face, determined at the beginning of the game e. g. „the happy one“.

The Doldrums

All the players preferred they are sitting in a sailing boat. Because the sea is so calm, they are not moving. Every player throws his die and must then play the role determined by the face thrown in the following situation. When the wind comes up, the game ends and they sail on till the next doldrums. The dice are thrown again and a new situation is played out.
A variation could be that the players determine their face themselves cover their die with the appropriate face upwards and in the course of the situation, the other players must try to guess what face each throw.


One player goes out of the room. The remaining players except one, throw their dice and make the appropriate face.          The remaining player, the Joker, determines his own face. The player outside comes back and tries to match the players with the dice according to the faces made. Then the joker can be determined and his face guessed. The game restarts and a new player goes out of the room.


One player stands with his back to the others, who than throw their dice and make the appropriate face, without making a sound. When the player at the front suddenly turns round, the others must freeze. The player then tries to match the dice and the faces. If he succeeds with one player then this player goes to the front and the game restarts.
A variation could be that those players who have been guessed stay where they are and the others take a step forward. the first player to reach the front than takes over the role of the searcher.

Games more Suitable for Young People or Adults

Alea jacta est

One player chooses a topic (e.g. Sport, Food, Political, Parties etc.). He throws 3 dice without showing the other players. He then chooses  3 items out of the chosen topics that match the faces of the 3 dice thrown (e.g. Topic-Food; Dice thrown - the happy one, the fourios one, the optimistic one. He named the 3 items in order
ice-creme, curry and jelly babies!). The other players have to guess which face goes with each of the 3 items.

Cool Boy

This is a game for young people. A topic is chosen e.g. an evening at the disco - the players must imagine a girl/boy tries to chat them up. Each player has to react to this situation, according to the die thrown. The person who, according to the group, does this best, chooses the next topic.


                        Every player writes the following table, corresponding to the six faces of the Mimürfel Dice:

                                            122222        1 happy                          One die is thrown by each player in order
                                            123333        2 optimistic                     and the face thrown (or rather the number
                                            133444        3 doubtful                       corresponding to this face) is crossed out
                                            144455        4 surprised                      in the list. The first person to get a complete
                                            155556        5 pessimistic                    line either down, across or diagonally shouts
                                            166666        6 angry                           „Quingo“.

Yes Yes

For a group of six or more players. The two players sitting opposite one another each throw a dice. They throw until one of them throws „the laughing one“ and he shouts „Yes“ and purses the die on to the person on the left. If both dice meet at one player, this person has to pay a forfeit. Cards with funny things to do can be written before hand. These forfeits are played on at the end of the game, i.e. when all the cards have been distributed.

For Example

One player holds up a die so that the player opposite him can see the face. This player tries to tell the dice-holder which face he’s got by saying the name of a film, whistling a song, or anything he can think of that goes with the face shown. The only thing he can’t do is name the face.

Accept sometimes

"accept sometimes", tells a player, "at night you come back absolutely broken in the flat share - and in your bed somebody lies. How do you react?" He throws a Mimürfel for every player. Now everybody reaches quick as a flash for a facial play. Now on account of the elective facial play a reaction is given in turn to the best one. The surprised maybe: "What, you already sleep?" The angry: " This is the third spot this week. Now depart !!! "


A subject, wittily or almost seriously, maybe: Poodles should be always clipped. Or. The woman belongs behind the cooker. - Everybody throws concealedly a facial play and represents the thrown one opinion in the role play. It may be called flattered, be denied or be agreed - of course everything at the same time. The Mimürfel remain concealed. At the end everything should be sure: A represents the facial play, B represents this. Lay the table. Is everything right?


Throwing the Mimürfel in the middle. A player has the idea for the beginning of a history. (Maybe: " There stand I, nevertheless, before my front door and wants to open - and has forgotten the key "). He puts aside the angry.
The next takes possibly the optimist and passes on the history: " There the door of my nice neighbour rose.
He said: " Come in, nevertheless, on a coffee ". How does the history go on?

Ask for …

Every player throws concealedly a facial play. Now in turn the players must find out in each case from the other which facial play he has thrown. In addition one calls to him an area, he must answer according to his throwd one facial play.
Example: I have thrown the emitter. If one asks for music, I answer: "Madonna." If one asks for an actor, I call Brad Pitt.


Every player receives one or two Mimürfel. One in the round thinks up a question or situation, possibly "What you hold from steady two relations? " or " Your mother comes for visit and begins immediately to clean the flat ". Then he calls
the name of a player. He lays his Mimürfel with the facial play upwards which expresses his feeling. He covers his Mimürfel with the hand. Now the others should imagine themselves in him, her Mimürfel with the facial play upwards turn as they suppose it of the asked.

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